Why Choose FSCA Future Scholars Christian Academy?

We offer two campuses

FSCA Central Winter Haven
FSCA North West Havendale Blvd. Winter Haven

Modes Of Transportation

We transport our students with 6 vehicles.

Trained Security On Premises

Trained security are on premises at all times.

On-Site Tutorial Services

Math and Reading is available during school

Speech and Language Therapist

Once a Week Service

Full-Service Kitchen

Educational Field Trips

Physical Education (P.E.)


Mandatory Chapel Service Attendance

Chapel services and attendance is MANDATORY. Chapel is held weekly on Wednesdays; for grades K-12th. Service is enhanced by our very own Minister Debra Ardis, along with FSCA chorus and guest speakers. We welcome visitors to attend our weekly service.


Devotion is held each morning with Bible classes expounding on God’s word, allowing a great start to our school day. We utilize the New King James Version (NKJV) Bible as a guidance to understanding Godly principles and HIS divine WORD. It is required that each student is accompanied with their own bible.

Career Day/Workforce Commentators

Career Day is an opportunity for our parents to assist in their child’s education as well as for others to speak on behalf of their careers. We encourage parents to engage in their students education to help assist with daily activities within the learning centers. This alternative is available once a month, so that each parent has the opportunity to give their time.

(Background screening is required for volunteers.)

Summer School

Summer School is a four hour session accompanied with a lunch break.

First week of June- the last week of July 9am-1pm

Math and Reading services only during this time

Before and After School Transportation

To & From school is available. For more information on transportation please speak with the school Trasmportation Manager